Do you accept reservations?
No – we are first come, first serve.

Can I put my name on the wait list over the phone?
No – you must be present to put you name on the list. *** insider tip: if you’re coming in with a larger party and arriving separately, one person can arrive ahead of time, put your name on the list, and by the time the rest of your party arrives you’ll be much closer to the top (there is complimentary Intelligentsia coffee outside on the weekends, and there’s a cafe next door if you need a place to wait inside).

Do you seat incomplete parties?
No – we only have 36 seats, and to maximize efficiency and provide everyone with the best, most expedient service possible, we require all members of a group to be present prior to seating.

Do you have a Last Seating?
Our kitchen closes promptly at 2pm – we ask that you allow yourself enough time to settle in and order before then (ideally, no later than 1:45pm)

Are you BYO?
Yes – but we request that you purchase your mixer in-house.

Do you have vegetarian/vegan options?
Yes – we offer a wide range of vegetarian options. A number of omelets – the Sunrise, Nueva Mexicana, Acelga Picosa, the Damen Ave – and our house-made vegan chorizo can make the Sassy Eggs vegetarian(!). We can also always omit the meat from any dish. Our Spicy Tofu Scramble is entirely vegan, as well (Also, you can ask our staff about additional vegan options).

Do you have gluten-free options?
Yes – MOST egg-based dishes are gluten-free, and we offer GF toast for a small up-charge. Our staff is well-trained to answer any additional questions on specific menu items.

Do you cook in butter or oil?
We use canola oil as our cooking fat, although there is butter in quite a few of our house-made batters, pastry creams, etc. Our staff is well-trained to answer any additional questions on specific menu items.